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Sam Robson

His Story

Sam Robson is the CEO, founder, and Chief Marketing Strategist at Sam Robson Email Marketing Strategies. He has been around and involved in the health and fitness industries since 2008.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Union College with degrees in English and Philosophy, Sam spent several years in Hollywood as a story development consultant and screenwriter, helping other writers and producers get their scripts ready to be seen on the big and small screens.

But he realized he had a greater purpose in life, and co-founded and became CEO of A-List Health & Fitness, providing health, fitness, weight loss, and nutrition coaching to Hollywood celebrities and clients online from all over the world.

Then Sam’s life took a scary turn – after micro-fracturing his tibia and tearing his calf, he was diagnosed with a rare neurological nerve condition called CRPS/RSD – it’s the most painful chronic pain condition in the world, and has no cure.

Though his nerves had hijacked his brain, sending permanent pain signals to his nerves and pain receptors, and his leg felt completely shattered, using his health and nutrition knowledge, Sam healed himself without a doctor and taught himself how to walk again without a physical therapist.

During this time Sam vowed to dedicate his life to helping at least 5 million people get healthy and become the best version of themselves.

He diligently studied marketing day and night, 7 days a week, and began working with Jason Capital, recognized as a Top 100 White House Entrepreneur by President Barack Obama, and considered by many the top email marketer.

Sam was then personally trained in high-level email marketing and email copywriting by Jason, and became a Certified Email Marketing Expert through Jason’s training.

Sam is committed to providing the highest possible level of service, writing, consulting, and marketing expertise to his clients, helping them dramatically increase their revenue from their email marketing program, not only increasing their bottom lines, but also enabling them to reach and impact more people and change more lives.

Sam and Brandon Carter: CEO Bro Laboratories, Best Selling Author, Over 100,000,000 YouTube views, Over 737,400 YouTube Subscribers, Over 1.6 Million Facebook fans

Sam working with world-renowned fitness & weight loss copywriter Justin Goff

Sam with Dr. Josh Axe, Founder of and Ancient Nutrition, the #1 natural health website in the world, and #35 INC. 500 Fastest Growing Company In America

Sam speaking to a group of 50 entrepreneurs about marketing at Jason Capital’s Mastermind

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